Saturday, March 19, 2016

About That Still, Small Voice

In Chapter 4 of my second book, Further Down The Stream, I list many of the ways we receive divine guidance from our inner Divine Spirit (the kind of guidance we commonly call our intuition). Included are:
  • A thought that suddenly pops into your head
  • A still, small voice you seem to “hear” from within
  • An image or a vision that appears in your mind
  • A particularly vivid dream you have
  • A physical sensation that gets your attention
  • A simple feeling of peace or “rightness”
  • A “Knowing”—that is, an inexplicable and unshifting sense of surety
Except for an image or vision that appears in your mind, I have experienced all of the above at one time or another. My most common experience is a feeling of “rightness” about a particular choice I am considering. But I have also had vivid dreams that have helped me heal some troubling situations. I have experienced physical sensations that have alerted me to something I needed to pay attention to. And I have had thoughts pop into my mind that proved to be miraculously beneficial. I still remember the time I suddenly thought, “I should look into that book marketing opportunity I heard about 6 months ago.” That particular thought was not connected to anything I was contemplating at the time. It just popped into my mind out of the blue. But guess what? When I heeded that thought and checked on the marketing opportunity, I discovered I had called on the very last day the offer was being made!

There is one form of divine communication, however, I have only experienced twice—both within a single 24-hour period. I am referring to hearing a “still, small voice.” Although some people claim they have heard—with their ears—an actual voice coming from outside of themselves, most people—myself included—experience the still, small voice as something that arises from within. They can’t say they actually “heard” something, but what they experienced was more than just a mental thought.

If you are wondering what distinguishes a still, small voice from a thought, it is generally this: The message you “hear” is extraordinarily clear. It is very concise. And it seems to be delivered to your mind rather than originating from your mind. For example, a thought that arises in your mind might be something like, “Hey, I haven’t heard from Sally in a while. Maybe I should call her.” A still, small voice would simply say, “Call Sally. Now.”

So what was my experience with a still, small voice? To be perfectly honest, it was a little embarrassing . . . but also kind of funny:

Many, many years ago—when I was in my thirties—I had a very big decision to make. It was such a big decision, I needed to make it very carefully and prayerfully. I had that decision on my mind when I decided to spend a week or so vacationing in Arizona.

My first stop was the city of Tucson. Tucson sits at the base of Mt. Lemmon, and I decided I would drive up to the top of that mountain and spend some time in prayer and meditation about the challenging choice I was facing.  So that’s exactly what I did. I drove to the top of Mt. Lemmon, found a big boulder, sat on it, meditated for a bit, and then asked my inner Divine Spirit, “Spirit . . . what should I do?”

I was surprised when I got an immediate response. It was clear. It was concise. And the message seemed to be delivered to my mind, rather than originating from my mind. It was a still, small voice. And it said, “Whatever you think is best for your spiritual growth.”

Whatever I think is best for my spiritual growth? I didn’t care for that answer. I didn’t know what was best for my spiritual growth, and I wasn’t sure I would be able to discern that. As I drove back down the mountain I convinced myself that the “voice” I heard must not have been the voice of my Spirit at all. It must have been something else.

I knew my next stop was Sedona, Arizona, so I decided I would ask the question again when I got there. After all, Sedona is known for it’s mystical “vortexes,” and I would probably have a stronger connection to my inner Divine Spirit if I asked the question there.

So that’s what I did. I drove to Sedona, went to one of the vortex sites, sat down, meditated a bit, and then asked the question again. “Spirit . . . what should I do?”

Once again I got an immediate response. It was clear. It was concise. And the message seemed to be delivered to my mind, rather than originating from my mind. It was that still, small voice again. Only this time, it said, “I already told you.” Oops! I felt a little embarrassed. I guess I should have accepted the first answer I received! 

Well, even though it required more contemplation and meditation on my part, I was—in the end—able to arrive at a decision I was comfortable with. And later, I realized why my Sprit answered me the way it did. It was simply because it didn’t make any difference what choice I made! No matter what path I chose, if I thought it was best for my spiritual growth, my inner Divine Spirit would help me benefit from the experience. 

Friends, have you had a still, small voice experience? Have you had beneficial thoughts pop into your mind, or experienced helpful dreams? No matter what form your divine guidance may take, here’s to being open and receptive to it . . . the first time!


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