Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Spirit of Aloha

June 10, 2014

Dear Friends,

In February of 2010, I was a guest speaker at the Unity Church of Maui. While there, I learned something new about the word, "Aloha." I discovered it is much more than a simple greeting that has come to mean both “hello” and “goodbye.” It is also a word that reminds people to practice a beneficial way of life––a way of life they call, "The Spirit of Aloha."

The Spirit of Aloha has a very admirable code of conduct. And I love how closely this code of conduct parallels many of the principles I teach for living life in the divine flow. Here, now, is that code of conduct, along with its divine flow counterparts. I'm presenting it to you as it was presented to me––by using ALOHA as an acronym for the code:

“A” stands for “Akahai,” 
which means kindness. 

As it happens, expressing loving kindness is one of the key ingredients for living life in the divine flow. “A” can also stand for “Ala,” which means watchfulness and alertness. Here, too, there is a parallel, because being in the flow of life requires you to pay attention to what’s going on around you and within you.

“L” stands for “Lokahi,” 
which means working with unity. 

When it comes to living life in the divine flow, it is always necessary to work as one. Remember, we are all in the same boat, and to get down the stream to reach our dreams we need each other's help.

“O” stands for “Oluolu,” 
which means agreeableness. 

This is related to the principle of non-resistance, and being willing to follow the flow even when you don’t understand where it is leading. “O” can also stand for “Oia’i’o,” which means truthfulness and honesty. Once again there is a parallel, because to live life in the divine flow you must always be open and receptive to a higher truth, and be willing to let go of your need to be right. In other words, you must be honest enough with yourself to admit that what you currently think is true, might not be.

“H” stands for “Ha’aha’a,” 
which means humility. 

Here is a very direct parallel, because a sure way to block your experience of the divine flow is to get caught up in pride for any length of time. That particular expression of the ego can greatly interfere with your ability to sense divine guidance.

And finally, 
the last “A” stands for “Ahonui,” 
which means patience. 

And yes, following the divine flow often takes a great deal of patience. As you take one divinely guided step after another, you must always remain centered in the now moment, and allow things to unfold in their divine time.

So there you have it: “ALOHA”—not just a simple greeting, but a beneficial way of living . . . a way of living that keeps you in the divine flow of life, and helps you move forward in life with grace, ease, and continual feelings of peace and joy.



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