Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fatherhood and The Divine Flow

June 16, 2013

Dear Friends,

In many of the churches where I present my talks and workshops, they refer to the divine power at work in this world as “Father-Mother-God.” The reason is apparent. It is a simple reminder that this Higher Power that many of us call God, not only has a nature that we associate with fatherhood, but it also has characteristics that we associate with motherhood . . . such as nurturing.

I’ve never had an issue with the notion of God as Mother. But I’ll be perfectly honest with you. For much of my life I was very uncomfortable with the concept of God as Father.

You see, I used to harbor a lot of resentments towards my own father, and whenever I heard the word “Father” used in reference to God, I would cringe a little.

Then one day I had a revelation—one so simple, I was astounded that it didn’t occur to me sooner. I remembered that I was a father. And what, as a father, did I feel towards my children? Nothing but unconditional love. And what, as a father, did I want for my children? Nothing but for them to be happy and fulfilled . . . and I would gladly do anything in my power to help them achieve their dreams, and live abundant and joyful lives.

For the first time, I could finally relate to idea of God as Father . . . as a loving, generous, and powerful presence in my life that was continually providing for my needs, and continually guiding me towards the fulfillment of my heart’s desires.

At that moment, I not only changed the way I felt about God as Father, but I began to feel differently about my own father, as well. I began to look beyond his human shortcomings to see the divinely loving spirit within him. And I am happy to say that today I can truly appreciate many things about my father that I ignored or took for granted in the past.

Here’s to all the men who have been “fathers” in our lives—who have provided for our well-being, and guided us in effective ways of providing for ourselves . . . just like the divine flow guides and provides.

Here’s to our earthly fathers . . . and here’s to our heavenly one, as well.

Happy Father’s Day!


© 2013 by Steven Lane Taylor
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