Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Flow of Grace

May 27, 2012

Dear Friends,

On Sunday, May 20th, I spoke to a gathering of people at a Methodist church in Mesquite, Texas.  After my presentation, the minister of that church said that she enjoyed my talk, and appreciated the concepts I shared.  One thing she noticed, though, was how different my “languaging” was.  What I call “the divine flow,” she would call “grace.”

It’s true that “grace” is not a word that I commonly use, but it is certainly what I am talking about whenever I say that the divine flow is continually guiding us toward the effortless fulfillment of our heart’s desires.  In addition to “refined movement”—as my dictionary defines the grace—it also means “the free and unmerited favor and blessings of The Divine.” And that is exactly what the divine flow is continually offering us. It is through the blessings of divinely inspired ideas, divinely orchestrated opportunities, and divinely directed encounters that we move toward our chosen destinations with incredible ease.

What’s more, this flow of divine favor—this grace that we receive—is unending. It is not something that occurs randomly or occasionally. It is constant.  And it is not something that is doled out to some people, but not to others. It is freely offered to all.  At every given moment of every given day, we are all receiving celestial assistance and support.  At every given moment of every given day, each and every one of us is being divinely guided . . . including you. 

But, as I frequently mention, you have a part to play in that process, because it is up to you to recognize and cooperate with that divine guidance. It is your job to identify that still, small voice that speaks to you from within, and rely on it.  It is your job to identify the helpful people that have been placed in your path, and accept their assistance.  It is your job to identify the divine signs that are all around you, to discern their meaning, and to take any action that may be called for.

Said another way, it is your job to make sure that you are always fully open and fully receptive to the unending flow of divine grace in your life, so you can glide gracefully down life’s stream toward the realization of your dreams.

Here’s to living life in the divine flow, my friends.  Go with grace!


© 2012 by Steven Lane Taylor
Steven Lane Taylor, LLC

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Surprisingly Powerful Affirmation

May 20, 2012

Dear Friends,

As I pointed out in last week’s message, you are—at the core of your being—a mother . . . someone who is divinely designed to bring something new and beautiful into this world through your innate creativity. To celebrate your “motherhood,” I offered you a Mother’s Day gift in the form of an Affirmation of Creativity. And like most affirmations, all the statements included in that affirmation were expressed in a very positive way, beginning with the declaration, “I am creative.” 

I bring this up, because a while back I decided that I needed an affirmation to help keep me in a positive state of mind regarding my financial abundance.  As I contemplated how to phrase my affirmation, I expected to begin it with a statement such as, “I am prosperous!” But surprisingly, that was not the thought that arose in my mind.  Instead, what occurred to me was this: “There is no reason why I can’t be wildly prosperous!”

I realize that since that statement contains the words “no” and “can’t,” it doesn’t appear to be very positive. Nevertheless, I have found it to be extremely reassuring. Every time I use that statement—for prosperity, or health, or whatever—I feel an immediate sense of relief, and I quickly regain a feeling of positive expectation.

Why? Mainly because that statement reminds me that “reasons” mean very little when it comes to living life in the divine flow. “Reasons” are limited and restrictive in their nature, and they are often based on information that is flawed and faulty, or incomplete at best. You will always find plenty of “reasons” why your heart’s desires cannot be fulfilled . . . including “reasons” like you are not worthy enough to have what you want, that you are not smart enough to do what you want, or that you are not talented enough to be what you want.

When you make the statement, “There is no reason why I can’t (fill in the blank),” you are denying the power that “reasons” have over you, and you are, instead, affirming the real truth of the matter . . . the truth that the divine flow operates at a level beyond reasons, and beyond reason itself.

The divine flow operates in the realm of the miraculous, orchestrating things on your behalf in a way that is often beyond comprehension or prediction.  And more importantly, the divine flow is completely unlimited in its nature, so anything and everything is possible!

Is there something that you want to experience in your life right now—something in particular that you want to have, do, or be?  Then attune yourself to the divine flow and follow the divine directions that you receive. In spite of how things may look to you, the Mind of The Divine sees no reason why you can’t reach your destination with effortless ease . . . no reason whatsoever!


© 2012 by Steven Lane Taylor
Steven Lane Taylor, LLC

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Mother's Day Gift

May 13, 2012

Dear Friends,

A few years ago, I wrote a special message for Mother’s Day, which I have been reprising every May since then. The point of this annual message is to remind you about the similarities between motherhood and manifesting. What similarities, exactly? 

Well, as I often mention in these messages, you are a divinely creative being. No matter how happy and fulfilled you are, you will always be conceiving of things you want to have, do, or be in life . . . just as a mother conceives her children.  Through your words and your actions you will constantly be giving birth to your ideas . . . just as a mother gives birth to her children.  And, by giving your ideas your time, attention, and love, you will continually be nurturing your creations—of helping them to grow into full expression . . . just as a mother nurtures her children as they mature.

In other words, whether you are male or female, whether you have brought a child into this world or not, in many respects you are—at the core of your being—a mother . . . someone who is divinely designed to bring something new and beautiful into this world.  And this year, I would like to celebrate your “motherhood” by offering you a Mother’s Day gift.  It’s an Affirmation of Creativity that “wrote itself through me” in 2002. 

I trust that you will find this set of affirmative statements to be helpful, especially if you are having trouble fully accepting the idea that you are—by your very nature—divinely creative.

An Affirmation of Creativity

I am creative.
I can be nothing else.
To create is my natural state.
It is who I am as a Child of God, The Great Creator.
And thus, creativity is my inheritance,
my birthright, and my inescapable nature.
Being creative is not something I do,
but something I allow.
My job is simply to be an open channel
for the Universal Mind of The Divine
to express itself.
I keep the channel open
by eliminating the false fears of ego
that block my connection to Divine inspiration.
All that is required of me is desire and faith.
I renew my faith with memories
of all the times the Creative Mind of God
has suddenly and surprisingly
spoken to me and through me.
And I recognize that the fears of my ego mind,
although seemingly ceaseless,
are totally unfounded.
I am creative.
I can be nothing else.
And I now go about the work
of gratefully fulfilling
my creative destiny.


© 2012 by Steven Lane Taylor 
Steven Lane Taylor,LLC

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Creation: From Contemplation To Appreciation

May 6, 2012

Dear Friends,

For my entire adult life, my livelihood has been based on the written word—first, as an advertising writer for 30 years, and then as a spiritual author for the last 10 years.  So it should come as no surprise that I both notice and appreciate words that are used in clever ways, including witty word juxtapositions, substitutions, and even simple rhymes.

That will help explain my message for this week, because I couldn’t help but notice something word-wise: When it comes to the process of creating whatever it is you want to have, do, or be in life, many of the steps that are involved in that process can be expressed as words that rhyme with “creation.” Just off the top of my head, here are seven of those steps:

1. CONTEMPLATION.  The very first step in the creation process is deciding what you want. Do you know what would truly bring you the most peace, joy, or satisfaction in life—truly?  Spend some time in quiet contemplation thoughtfully reflecting on that, and see if you can discern one desire in particular that feels like it would be the most fulfilling goal for you to focus on at this point in your life.

2. VISUALIZATION.  Having chosen something that you believe is worthy of your time, attention, and energy, picture in your mind’s eye what it would be like to have that dream come true.  But don’t just see it . . . experience it!  Use all of your senses to “live the dream” in your mind.  What do your ears hear?  What do your fingers touch?  What does your nose smell?  What does your tongue taste?  Make your visualization as vivid as possible.

3. AFFIRMATION.  An affirmation is a positive statement declaring that what you desire is—in effect—already fulfilled!  When you affirm that what you want already is, you shift from a state of wanting to a much more powerful position—that of simply accepting what you desire into your life.  Accept it now!

4. MEDITATION.  Very little can be created in life without you, yourself, taking some direct action.  But how do you know what action is the best action to take?  That’s where meditation can help.  Meditation quiets the mind, creating a mental environment that is more open and receptive to divine guidance—the kind of guidance that may be as subtle as an inner sense of “rightness” about a particular course of action, or as obvious as a crystal clear thought that suddenly pops into your mind. Plus, meditation enhances present moment awareness, improving your ability to notice any signs or synchronicities that may be pointing you in a particular direction.  To realize your dream in the most beneficial way possible, it is wise to meditate on a daily basis, so you are always open and receptive to divine direction in all of its various forms.

5. RELAXATION.  This is a step that many people miss.  No matter what you have imagined in your visualization and claimed in your affirmation, it is important to relax and let go of any mental attachment you might have to what you specifically want.  Release your grip on the details, and allow the divine flow to lead you to whatever your highest good may be.  It is possible that your highest good may be something that is quite different from what you originally intended.  But rest assured, it will still give you the underlying experience that you are seeking.  In fact, that experience may be greater and grander than anything you ever imagined possible. If you want to allow an even greater miracle into your life, let go of your tenacious hold on what you believe is best for you.

6. MANIFESTATION.  Now—one small step at time—watch your desire begin to manifest!  As you act on the divine guidance that appears in your life, enjoy the sensation of moving closer and closer to the fulfillment of your dream, until one day—with miraculous ease—you arrive at your chosen destination . . . or its equivalent . . . or something even better!

7. APPRECIATION.  Last but not least, don’t forget to consciously appreciate this beneficent Universe we live in—a Universe that is always responding to our needs, wants, and desires, and is constantly guiding us to our highest good. As Meister Eckhart, the brilliant German philosopher and theologian once said, “If the only prayer you ever say in your life is ‘Thank You,’ that will be enough.” It is that kind of attitude of gratitude that will help you stay in life’s divine flow, continuing to experience its miracles freely and frequently.

And there you have it, my friends: The process of creation—from contemplation to appreciation. Remember that process, and you will be less likely to have things show up in your life “without rhyme or reason.”  Instead, what manifests in your life will be there for a very good reason . . . and a rhyme!



© 2012 by Steven Lane Taylor
Steven Lane Taylor, LLC