Saturday, April 24, 2010

Health, Healing, And The Divine Flow

April 25, 2010

Dear Friends,

Last week I wrote about the way the divine flow can help you heal a long-neglected emotional wound, or eliminate a deeply-held idea that is limiting you. But what about physical healing? Can the divine flow also assist you with the healing of an illness or an injury? Of course it can.

As it is with all challenges in life, once again the key is maintaining a peaceful and positive frame of mind. A positive outlook has two direct benefits when it comes to health, healing, and the flow.

First of all, a positive outlook helps you stay open and receptive to divine guidance . . . the kind of guidance that may lead you to something that is essential for your healing. Through divine signs, synchronicities, or people who appear in your path, the divine flow may direct you to a specific health professional, or guide you to a particular kind of medicinal herb. Or, through your own intuitive sense you may become aware of some other way that you can directly promote your recovery.

For example, I once had a lump inexplicably appear in the arch of my left foot. Day after day it grew larger and larger, and it became very painful. I quickly decided that I would have to see a podiatrist for professional help. Right before I made an appointment, though, I suddenly had a very strong urge to simply massage that spot. Even though it hurt quite a bit, something felt very right about what I was doing, and the way I was doing it.

I continued to massage the area deeply several times a day for two days, and by the end of the third day, the lump was completely gone. Although it is just a guess on my part, I suspect that I somehow severely stressed my arch a few days before my symptom appeared, and a knot had developed in that particular muscle.

The second benefit of a positive outlook is that it helps your body heal itself in the shortest amount of time possible. Keep in mind that your body is continually in the healing mode, and—within certain limits—it is a very powerful healer all by itself. The main thing that slows down this natural healing process is stress, which occurs when you resist what is, and imagine the worst.

Whenever I am ill or injured, the first thing I do to help relieve any stress that I may be feeling is to affirm what I Know to be True: that my body is doing everything it can to correct the problem, and my job is mainly to remember that fact and be at peace. That way, my body doesn't have to contend with the harmful effects of stress, in addition to healing the original illness or injury.

Something I also find helpful is a healing visualization that I developed for myself. In a light state of meditation, I picture my True Body as a Body of Light—like a translucent, three-dimensional spiritual blueprint of a body. Then I imagine my material body continually attempting to match that spiritual blueprint . . . removing what is not on the blueprint, and restoring what is on it.

Don’t underestimate the power of visualization. I once developed a small cyst on my thumb, and a much larger one on my scalp. But both completely disappeared in a matter of weeks, when I spent some time each morning visualizing the healing process I just described.

Regardless of how you are divinely guided in your healing—whether you are directed to consult a medical specialist, led to a homeopathic healer, inspired to visualize your healing, or guided to pursue any combination of these things and more—remember that every health challenge can offer you some kind of gift. Your illness or injury may help you live a more balanced life, by reminding you of what is truly important in this world. Or, it may simply serve to renew your appreciation for the miracle of good health. Whatever challenge you face, I invite you to look for the blessing in it.

Here’s to your health, your healing, and your wholeness.


© 2010 by Steven Lane Taylor
Author of Row, Row, Row Your Boat:
A Guide for Living Life in the Divine Flow

Friday, April 16, 2010

Purposely Choosing Challenges

April 18, 2010

Dear Friends,

There is a logical conclusion that most people reach based on my definition of the divine flow. Again, that definition is: “An underlying current that is continually guiding you toward the effortless fulfillment of your heart’s desires.”

From that statement you might conclude that if you are moving forward in life with a great deal of ease and grace, then you must be “in the flow.” If, on the other hand, you keep running into unwanted challenges, then you are obviously “not in the flow.”

Well, most of the time you would be right. Often, unwanted challenges are the natural consequence of making choices that are based on the fears of your ego, rather than attuning yourself to—and following—divine guidance. However, there will be plenty of times in life when a particular challenge you face is actually part of the divine flow for you.

Have you ever experienced a situation that you initially judged as “bad,” only to have that situation transform into something surprisingly beneficial? It pays to be open-minded about everything that occurs in life, and not judge circumstances too hastily.

Remember that any judgment you make is very subjective, highly biased, and rarely an accurate assessment of what’s really going on. A little patience, acceptance, and understanding on your part can help you experience an unwanted challenge as what it sometimes is—nothing more than an unexpected bend in the stream . . . a stream that is still helping you get where you want to go in the most beneficial way possible.

But here is the point I really want to stress this week: Sometimes, a particular challenge you face in life is part of the flow because it is the desire of your heart to experience that challenge. That’s right. Deep down inside, you actually want to experience that challenge, and the flow is simply providing that opportunity for you.

Keep in mind that your heart is your Spirit, and your Spirit is in this life to have certain experiences of life. Most of those experiences are pleasant ones, such as love, abundance, and creative expression. Those are the kind of experiences that you consciously know you want to have, and look forward to having.

However, there may also be some experiences that your Spirit knows you need that you are not consciously aware of. For instance, you may need healing from an emotional wound that has been buried for so long, you have almost forgotten that it is there. Or, you may need to be free from some kind of psychological conditioning that is causing you to limit your life in some manner.

Often, the best way to heal something from the past, or grow beyond it, is through a current challenge. So the divine flow will purposely lead you to the perfect situation for growth or healing, even though that situation may seem unwanted.

For example, suppose you entered into a relationship that eventually turned out to be emotionally (or even physically) abusive. Obviously, that kind of relationship is not something that you would consciously choose to experience. But the reason the two of you were brought together might be very simple.

It could well be that your current relationship is mirroring an abusive relationship that you experienced as a child. And the flow is simply giving you an opportunity to heal that wound—to finally stand up for yourself, reclaim your sense of inherent worth, and establish appropriate boundaries. As a child, you simply didn’t have the wisdom, the words, or the power to do that.

So, whenever you encounter an unexpected challenge in life, don’t jump to the conclusion that you are “not in the flow”—that you must be suffering the consequence of a misguided choice you made. It is entirely possible that you are merely misjudging the situation. Or—on a deeper, unconscious level—perhaps you are choosing to experience that particular challenge, and you are choosing it for a very good reason.

Just remember that no matter what is happening or why, everything can be a stepping-stone to your highest good. And what you are called upon to do is the same in every situation that “seems” undesirable: Stop blaming others or shaming yourself for creating that situation. Accept what is. And maintain a positive attitude, so you will be open and receptive to your next divinely guided step.

Who knows, that step may be one that leads you to a long-overdue emotional healing, the lifting of a self-imposed limitation, or maybe just an opportunity for you to learn a very valuable life lesson.


© 2010 by Steven Lane Taylor
Author of Row, Row, Row Your Boat:
A Guide for Living Life in the Divine Flow

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Patience, Meditation, and The Divine Flow

April 11, 2010

Dear Friends,

As I have mentioned many times before, living life in the divine flow can require a fair amount of patience. As you row your boat gently down the stream toward the fulfillment of your dream, the current beneath you can be painfully slow at times.

There are a number of reasons for that, including these five:
1. The flow may be slowing things down so you will arrive at just the right place at just the right moment. It’s simply a matter of divine timing.

2. The flow may be slow because it is gently guiding you around obstacles that you are unaware of.

3. The flow may be slow because your dream is especially grand, requiring you to take an exceptional number of steps before that particular dream can be fully realized.

4. The flow may have had to change course several times because of certain freewill decisions that you have made, combined with the freewill decisions that other people have been making.

5. The flow may be sending you down a few tributaries along the way, so you will have the chance to become the kind of person you need to be before you arrive at your chosen destination.
Since it is impossible to know with absolute certainty what’s really going on, rowing with a slow-moving flow can be frustrating. So here’s something I recommend to enhance your ability to be patient: Meditate. And meditate daily.

Increased patience is just one of the many benefits of a daily practice of meditation. And it comes about for a very simple reason. When you meditate you are consciously connecting with the Divine Spirit that exists at the core of your being. And your Divine Spirit is—by its very nature—infinitely patient.

You see, your Spirit lives in a world beyond time and space. It is always in the Eternal Now, which means that how long something is going to take, or how far away something is, are meaningless concepts. What may try the patience of your ego is never—ever—an issue for your Spirit.

Remember too, that your Spirit can see a virtually unlimited number of ways for you to achieve your dream. So when something occurs that blocks your way or impedes your progress, your ego may be concerned, but your Spirit won’t be.

So, if you want to avoid frustration—and the unpleasant consequences that can come from losing your patience and forcing your way forward—I recommend that you practice meditation every single day. Take some time each morning to consciously connect with that all-knowing, eternal Spirit within you.

As you pursue your goals and dreams in life, you will discover that your connection to divine direction will be much stronger and much clearer. And best of all, you will enjoy the journey much, much more—no matter how slowly the flow may go.


P.S. If you are new to meditation and would like more detailed instructions, here is a link I found that will answer most of your questions: Just click here:

© 2010 by Steven Lane Taylor
Author of Row, Row, Row Your Boat:
A Guide for Living Life in the Divine Flow

Thursday, April 1, 2010

An Easter Reminder

April 4, 2010

Dear Friends,

As the saying goes, “You are not a human being having an occasional spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being having a temporary human experience.” And there is no better day in the year to affirm that for yourself than Easter Sunday.

For me, the Easter story is a dramatic demonstration and profound illustration of something that I believe is just as true for you now, as it was for Jesus over 2,000 years ago—that you are in this world, but you are not of this world.

Like I often mention, your true essence is spirit, not body. And unlike the body, your spirit is eternal and indestructible. Your authentic self is, in a word, divine—an individual expression of that source energy we call God. And you are here for one purpose, and one purpose only: to express your divine nature in the body, and in the world.

And what, exactly, is that nature? Love. Unconditional love. Divine love.

It’s the kind of love that knows no limits . . . the kind of love that forgives—no matter what. It’s the kind of love that Jesus fully expressed throughout his life, right up to the final moments of his earthly existence. And it’s the kind of love that you, and I, and all of us are called upon to express on a daily basis.

Today, and every day of the year, may you remember who you are, and why you are here.

May you remember that the journey of life is not about getting somewhere. The journey of life is about being something. It’s about being the love that you are in every single moment of that journey. And it’s about experiencing the absolute joy that your love brings to the journey, and brings to each and every spirit that you encounter along the way.

Here’s to a joyful, fulfilling, and divinely-loving journey, my friends.

Happy Easter!


© 2010 by Steven Lane Taylor
Author of Row, Row, Row Your Boat:
A Guide for Living Life in the Divine Flow