Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The 9th Benefit of Meditation

In Chapter 17 of my second book, “Further Down The Stream,” I list eight benefits of meditation. They are:
  1. You are healthier.
  2. You are more creative.
  3. You are more intuitive.
  4. You are more responsive.
  5. You are more present.
  6. You are more patient.
  7. You are more peaceful.
  8. You are more loving.
By no means are those the only benefits of meditation. There are more—many more. Those are just the ones that sprang to mind as I wrote that particular chapter. But as I was listening to a talk recently, I realized I missed a benefit—an important one . . . one I wish I had included in my book.

It is such an obvious benefit, I am surprised it didn’t occur to me at the time. What is it? You only have to look at the smiling face of the Dalai Lama—a consistent meditator—to see what it is:

        9. You are more joyful.

Meditation, as you know, helps quiet the mind, so you are more in touch with your Inner Divine Spirit—that Eternal Presence that exists at the core of your being. It follows that if you are more in touch with that Presence, you will exhibit more of its traits, such as creativity, wisdom, patience, peace, love, and . . . yes . . . joy.

The joy I am talking about is not the kind of joy that arises only when something outside of yourself is to your liking. It’s the kind of joy that comes from embracing all of life and living. It’s the joy that comes from appreciating life as a whole—with its ups and its downs, its peaceful parts and its turbulent parts.

Consider this: When people go to a water park, do they choose only to float along the lazy river? Or do they also choose to hurtle down the scary, but thrilling water slide? Don’t most people choose both? At the end of the day, isn’t it the overall combination of contrasting experiences that brought them joy?

Sure it is. And so it is with your Spirit. To your Spirit, life itself is one big amusement park, with a wide variety of contrasting rides and attractions that bring it joy. And when you connect to your Spirit through a consistent practice of meditation, you, too, can experience that all-inclusive kind of joy. You, too, can experience the unending joy of your Spirit. You, too, can experience the joy of just being alive and in the world. 


© 2016 by Steven Lane Taylor
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