Friday, December 12, 2014

Fruition Through Intuition

In my last post I wrote about a time when I manifested something extraordinarily easily. One evening I simply decided what I wanted, went to bed, and the next morning what I desired had literally appeared on the lawn outside of my apartment. It was a great example of what I call “attracting without acting.” 

Generally, though, manifesting is about “acting on what you are attracting.” In other words, what you attract into your life is usually just a steppingstone to the fulfillment of your desire, and it is up to you to take advantage of that steppingstone. The challenge is recognizing that steppingstone when it appears, because it is not always obvious. That’s when your intuition can help. 

Your intuition can tell you what person in particular you need to talk to, or what specific circumstance you need to cooperate with. Even if your intuitive guidance is extremely subtle—just a sight nudge in a particular direction—it is important for you to heed that thought or feeling. Here’s a nice little example of what can happen when you do:

When Carol and I lived in Dallas, we had a lot of friends who were single. In fact, one evening we realized that almost all of our friends were single. They weren’t married, engaged, or even dating. And we missed having friends who were couples like us. We didn’t know how we would manifest friends like that, and we didn’t discuss it any further. It was just something both of us wanted.

Well, the next day I was at my computer looking through all the emails I had not yet read. A large number of those emails were from a friend of mine who was constantly forwarding jokes and funny pictures to me. Even though I do enjoy a good laugh, she was sending me far too many emails like that, and I had begun to routinely delete them without opening them.

I was in the process of doing just that when I came to one of her emails with the subject line, “You Might Like.” You might like? That sounded like something I probably wouldn’t like—just another time-waster, and I had work to do. But something unexpected happened when I started to click my mouse to delete it. Something deep within me told me to stop.

I hesitated for an instant, and then I started to click the mouse again. But once more I got the feeling I should not delete her message. In fact, I got the feeling I should open it.

So I did. And I couldn’t believe the very first sentence I read: “Would you and Carol like to join a committed couples group that is being organized at the Unity Church of Dallas?”

Wow! Would we? You bet! Suffice it to say that Carol and I went to the first meeting of that group, and we met at least a dozen like-minded couples. It didn’t take long for us to form some very long-lasting friendships.

Friends, your intuition is the most valuable and reliable source of guidance you have. It may come to you as a sudden thought, or an unexpected feeling, or something that is a combination of both—a thought/feeling, so to speak—which is what I experienced. No matter how quiet your inner voice may be, I encourage you to heed it. It is the voice of your inner Divine Spirit. It knows what you want. It knows what you need. And it is constantly telling you the next right step you need to take to fulfill your desire . . . even if that step doesn’t look like it could possibly be fruitful. 

To put it poetically, “If you want your desire to come to fruition, pay attention to your intuition.”  I am certainly glad I paid attention to mine . . . and still do.


© 2014 by Steven Lane Taylor
Steven Lane Taylor, LLC 


Kassie Wright said...

Thank you for these words, Steven. Your intuition is very powerful! And when we listen to it and let it guide us it's the most extraordinary feeling in the world. ...thnx for the reminder.😊

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